Manually adjust dynamic labeling rather than making annotation

Idea created by mrj21 on May 14, 2015

    With the recent release of ArcGIS Pro and better labeling and symbolizing ribbons instead of mulitple windows, cartographic production will be increasing. Labeling is still one of those task that we all spend a lot of time working on though. Merging the possiblities of dynamic labeling to get most labels placed and then converting to annotations to clean up and add other labels is the only solution right now to create labels that are more cartographically apealling. My idea is to make it possible to dynamically/auto label using the MapPlex option and then have the ability to manually adjust then lock text that I am happy with the placement of. This would reduce data management and allow faster map production. I could easily see this being possible with the new threading capability of the ArcGIS Pro application but would also like to see ArcMap be optimized to be able to draw and label faster with this new labeling technique.