Web Map support for overriding a field default value

Idea created by jvseagle-co-nz-esridist Employee on May 12, 2015

    Portal for ArcGIS / ArcGIS Online should provide the abitlity to override the default value that has been associated with each field in the GDB schema.

    There are many cases where this is really useful. As an example, I have several GDBs that sync nightly with each other. These different GDBs support different areas of the business (e.g. Mobile Support). All the datasets within the GDBs have a VALIDATIONSTATE attribute where 0 means Not Valid and 1 means Not Valid and Public. We have set up ALL the GDBs with a default state of 0. All the maps that are exposed to the Web don't show information that has state 0. But this means that users using Collector for ArcGIS will lose track of what they are creating in the map as soon as the record is created.

    If the Web Map could be configured to override the default value that has been established at the DB level to state 1, this would be easy to solve. Unfortunately, I have to create now a new MOBILE db with a default state of 1, and enable two-way sync with the other DBs just to support this.

    This would be a VERY simple but great addition to AGOL and Portal.

    Please add it Esri.