improve the Measurement Dijit in JSAPI

Idea created by rgrichards on May 11, 2015
    • rgrichards
    • kmsagis
    1. Ability to set the Unit programmatically. Can set the active tool, but not the unit. A method “setUnit()” would be very useful.
    2. Limit the list of Units that are displayed. We would like to keep this simple – no need for Hectares, Square Yards, etc
    3. Change the Unit *after* the measurement is complete. Currently the Unit dropdown is hidden after the measurement is complete.
    4. Change the orientation of the toolbar
    5. Change the ordering of the buttons on the toolbar
    6. The “area” measurement –  would like to get the perimeter distance as well
    7. Parameters for the Geometry Service – would like to be able to specify the SRID to use for all measurements. 

    Check out the latest google maps measurement tool. It allows most of the above in addition to users being able to add a verticy, remove vertifcy and drag them around dynamically. It also creates measurement tick marks and displays the measurements for all lines in a polygon. This is what our users are expecting in addition to simplifying the tool which is indicated in 1-7 above