Please make previous data available!

Idea created by danter2 on May 8, 2015
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    I ran reports in Esri Business Analyst Online last week for a market study, which provided the projections for 2014 & 2019. Nearly an entire study has been calculated when I realized I wanted to include data from one extra report, which I ran today that gave me 2015 & 2020 projections. Now I'm unable to obtain this with similar estimates and will likely cost several hours to re-do all of the work.

    I have 3 requests to prevent this frustration from happening again:
    1. Make the previous data available indefinitely.
    2. Make the previous data available for a 1-week grace period after new projections have been published.
    3. Send us an advance notice 1 week prior to the update so we can check to see we have all reports needed prior to the update.

    I am very disappointed that this change happened without warning and there is no way to obtain the previous data.