Parcel Explorer & Plan Directory

Idea created by on May 7, 2015
    • msnook

    Parcel Explorer seems to lack some potential functionality. It would be great if it was possible to display your parcels continuously (Like Windows File Explorer), so that you could select parcels from it at will...perhaps additional right-click operations could be introduced (zoom to, open, delete, etc) and if you create a "<New Parcel>" without naming it in Parcel Details for some reason (mass construction), you can come back to Explorer, highlight the parcel and rename it in Details.

    However, when you do, the explorer "sticks" or highlights the last named parcel and requires you to scoll 12 feet back to the top of the list just to select another unnamed parcel....this could be a great dashboard tool with lots of possibility. Also, the Plan directory should have remain open. ArcGIS is already a carpal nightmare, can you leave the Plan Directory open so you can access the functionality without having to re-click the Parcel Editor toolbar ever time you need it?