Restart Map/GP Services from ArcCatalog/ArcGIS Server Manager

Idea created by asainz09 on May 4, 2015
    I have worked on a couple of support cases with ESRI Analysts that required stop/restart of my organization's map services.  There is no tool available in ArcCatalog or ArcGIS Server Manager to enable stop/restart of multiple map/GP services simultaneously.

    It would be very helpful to have a GP tool in ArcCatalog or ArcGIS Server Manager that enables an admin user to select some or all map/GP services to be stopped and restarted simultaneously.  A GP tool in ArcGIS Desktop could enable a user to select which map services to stop/restart and save these parameters as a Model Builder tool or Python script.

    Potential Options for Stop/Restart Multiple Map/GP Services Simlutaneously:
    1. Navigate to ArcGIS Server connection folder, select services individually (check boxes)
    2. GP tool in ArcGIS Desktop - for use in Model Builder or Python script: Stop/Restart All Services within current folder (select folder from list or click check box)
    2a. ArcCatalog: Stop/Restart All Services within a current folder in ArcGIS Server connection
    2b. ArcGIS Server Manager: Add button in folder sections of to select map/GP services to stop/restart
    3. Stop/Restart All Services in multiple folders (check boxes)

    This would be very handy when map/GP services need to be stopped/restarted for web apps that consume multiple services or when troubleshooting issues internally or with the ESRI Support team.