Quick Switch between Editable Data Sources

Idea created by rborchert on Apr 28, 2015
    Not in Current Product Plan

    I would like to see an component that will allow the editor to toggle quickly between editable sources.

    Example.  I have a layer of polygons in one source and a layer of point features in another.  I am going along and editing the point features when I find an issue with the polygon layer that needs to be touched up.

    Stop Editing...Save Edits...Start Editing...Select Source...etc...

    Not a big deal for a few every hour.  But in those situaitons where you find qutie a number if instances, and you cannot have the data in the same souce.

    I would like to see a toolbar with two drop down menues that show data sources with a button.  Click the button the source you are editing saves and the other source becomes editable.  Make your changes, one clicka and you are back to your original source.