Make it easier to work with dates in symbology

Idea created by lygismav on Apr 27, 2015


    It would be nice if it would be easier to create maps and applications with date specific information, such as a campsite reservation system.  This way we could ask questions such as:

    • Which campsites are avalible between May 1 and May 10
    • Which campsites are completly booked between 5/2 and 5/4.  Which ones are booked for only a few nights?
    • Which campsites are the most popular in 2015?

    In order to make symbology possible without creating a single huge table ArcGIS would need to be able to symbolize based on related tables.  The main GIS layer might contain the sites and a related table could hold the reservations.  Symbology (green= open, yellow= partially open, red= booked) would be dependent on the related table.


    Layer A, a spatial table
    campsite A, X, Y
    campsite B, X, Y
    campsite C, X, Y


    Table B, a reservation table:
    Site,             Start Date,  End Date,  Reserved By
    Campsite A,   5/2/2015,   5/5/2015,  Tom Jones
    Campsite B,  5/2/2015,  5/3/2015,    Bill Anderson
    Campsite A,   5/10/2015, 5/15/2015,  Cindy Miller
    Campsite C,  5/4/2015, 5/15/2015,  Sara Anderson


    I know I could make this site php and a regular database, but I think this could be really cool if it could be done through GIS