Email subsribers update notifications when data is added, modified - ArcGIS Server

Idea created by lygismav on Apr 27, 2015

    It would be useful if ArcGIS sent out e-mail notifications to subscriber(s) whenever data is added, or modified.  I think this might be quite useful in many situations including but not limited to:
    • If we have a croud source application that has the public enter information into a web editing application, it would be useful if a department contact(s) was emailed to verify that what was added on the site does not contain any profane language etc before it is pushed out to other users.      
      • This is similar to content management solutions (Joomla, Wordpress) that have the option for administrators to approve comments before they are posted to the public
    • If we publish large datasets such as parcels, it would be nice if people could subscibe to our parcel service.  Upon updates ArcGIS could send out an update notification to the users so they could download the newest data.
    • If we have a campsite reservation app with relativly low activity then it would be nice if the parks department would recive notification to respond to the reservation...  That way they dont have to open up an app and look for changes when it is not nessisary.

    Implimentation ideas:
    • Allow either no one, certian user groups, or everyone the ability to subscribe to changes.
    • Subscribers could get notifications on added data, modified data
    • Publishers could send out a notice manually.  This might be important if the data is connected to a query layer.
    • allow captas