Collector: Quick Photo Feature

Idea created by ChrisMcPhilamy on Apr 27, 2015
    Pictures mean everything.  It should be easier to add them in the collector app.  You should be able to assign ahead of time which feature class you want your photos/points to go to.  

    Currently workflow horribly long and tedious when driving down a road and passenger is trying to capture points on the fly.
    1. Open App/Map
    2. Select something to edit
    3. Click the camera
    4. Click Add
    5. Click take photo
    6. Capture the photo
    7. Click Done
    8. Fill out attributes
    9. Press submit
    Proposed workflow
    1. Open App/Map
    2. Click Camera Button (Proposed)
    3. Capture the Photo
    4. Fill out the attributes
    5. Press submit
    You should of course be allowed to do it the long way as well for those that dont need things quickly but who doesnt need anything quickly?