Create Frequency Table from Multiple Attribute Symbology Counts

Idea created by pdituri on Apr 15, 2015
    • rchasan
    • pdituri
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    I've had a need to use the multiple symbology option for a layer often, and one of the fields that helps me is the Count column.  I know what to do when I see ? in the Count column to force ArcGIS to perform counts on large data sets.  The trouble is that when I want to vary symbology by color or size, I can't use the Count for my classifications, it has to be another field. 

    So what I have to do is go to ArcTools and use the Frequency tool to create a table that does the same calculation I need, join the table back to the feature class and create the symbology from the Frequency value in the table.

    Why can't there be an option for the Multiple Attributes Symbology for the Value field in either Color Ramp or Symbol Size to use the Count value?  Or, perhaps create the frequency tabele on the fly and either let me join it, or perhaps create another feature class with the Frequency fields joined symbols generated?  If there's a ModelBuilder solution that makes more sense, I'll use it, but this seems like soemthign that should be part of the interface for symbology.  Thanks for your time and support!