Improve (fix?) Extrude Between tool

Idea created by Victorklinkenberg on Apr 8, 2015
    • Hornbydd
    • Victorklinkenberg
    • rchasan
    Since ArcGIS 10 the extrude between tool does not work anymore as it used to. 

    To illustrate the issue: I am trying to model 3D blocks based on a top and bottom TIN. The TINS are very simple and consist of between four and six 3D points each. I have made sure the TINs and the input polygon overlap. Everything is working fine for me until I try to use the Extrude Between tool. The tool gives no errors but results in a completely warped 3D model rather than the simple 3D block. Some examples of the issues that derive can be found here:

    Does this mean other tools are also functioning incorrectly without warming?

    Ps. all parameters have been checked: started from scratch in different coordinate systems, in arcmap ánd arcscene, both using a geodatabase and not using a geodatabase, with differing input polygons, equal and larger than the TIN footprint, etc.