Set a default datasource for an MXD

Idea created by rborchert on Apr 7, 2015
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    When you select the add features button in an ArcGIS session it normally goes to the last place you added data from.  I would like to see a setting that you can set for a given MXD such that the first time you try to add data for a session in an MXD that it will default to whatever data source you designated.
    I work with multiple clients and their data is all stored in separate databases.   So when I am working on Cooperative A’s data and I go to add a feature it defaults to Cooperative A’s database.  Same for Cooperative B, C, D etc… 

    Such as in Map Document Properties you can set default Geodatabase,  This defaults where a geoprocessing event will save to, I would like to see a default data source option.