Make Current Map Scale usable in a definition query

Idea created by rborchert on Apr 7, 2015
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    I have been after this for 14 years.  I would like to see current Map Scale able to be queried in Definition Query whether you are in Layout View or Data View. 
    Here is the application:  When creating an MXD for my electric systems I have certain feature I only want visible at the Township Level i.e. >1:24,000 (variable depending on page size).  I then want more features to become visible when I get below 1:24,000 but more than 1:10000 etc for a total of 4 levels. 
    Currently the only way I can figure to do this is to replicate a single feature class 4 times.  Make things visible or not visible with a definition query and setting the scale range.   This results in 10 different features being in the mxd 4 times each.
    Hence, if we had a simple query (staying away from Python because not everyone knows how to write Python) and an Attribute for the associated features which I will call VScale.  We could write a query such as
    Vscale < MapScale 
    Possibly even make a new attribute type for scale so that only valid scales can be entered in the attribute.  It would reduce confusion if it also worked on the absolutes of the scale i.e. 1:24000 is actually 24000 as often people get confused with the idea that 1:24000 is larger scale than 1:240000