Collector App- toggle between details window and the collection form

Idea created by kulasdn on Apr 7, 2015
    • ebonan
    • ChrisMcPhilamy
    • asunte122
    • kulasdn
    Can the Collector App provide the ability to switch between the form for the collection and a different layer's details window? This would greatly facilitate copy/pasting of values from fields in other reference layers. For example, where copying the exact shape/attributes in a new collection is not available because of different geometry types and/or differing underlying table schemas, or when only one or two fields need to be copied as opposed to the entire set of fields.

    In a more general sense, it would be nice if, once a collection is initiated by tapping the '+' we could somehow keep the collecting environment open in the background and do other things like measure or inspect nearby layers' details. Currently, going back to the map to do other things requires submitting the collection or tapping cancel, and keeping or discarding the collection. I would love for more seamless interaction with the map and other layers while collecting.