Collector: getting around the need to anticipate what you might find in the field

Idea created by laughlin327 on Apr 7, 2015
    I am new to Collector but experienced in GIS.  Now with ArcGIS Online and Collector, there is the opportunity to use IOS (etc) devices in the ffield.  As I understand it (and please correct me if I am wrong) at the present time you have to set up a form (using ArcGIS Online) before collecting data in the field.  That might be fine for some kinds of research, basically where the issue is known ahead of time, but for many (I suspect very many) applications, people might like to walk around and use their Smartphones to mark (i.e. create points) anything I see, like a abondoned caar, fallen power line, lost dog!  In Collector you can create a point (touch the screen) but I believe there is no waay to upload to the map on ArcGIS Online.  I have no problem having to create the basic map of an area first but not being able to upload points of interest (some of which canot be anticipated!) seems very limiting to me.

    I hope others see the possible merit in this idea.  After all, Smartphones have a GPS and are well suited to the task. That said, I am not thinking about polygons are anything beyond points.  The functionality (which I believe might open up a huge potential market for 'citizen' users would comprise:

    -touch phone to create point
    -add geotag (e.g. lat and longs)
    -add text attributes (abandoned car)
    -by click an hold, move the point if needed (e.g. to the nearest access point for a vehicle)
    -upload to ArcGIS Online (to the map showing on the phone)