ESRI Javascript Map Rotation Does not work

Idea created by geomaster1234 on Apr 6, 2015
    • tsellste
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    • geomaster1234
    ESRI Javascript API needs to provide map rotation support.  Currently, rotation property is not supported in ESRI Javascript APIs.   I can use the rotation property in Silverlight SDK, but there is no way to correctly rotate the map with the ESRI Javascript SDK.  If you tell people that ESRI Javascript SDK should be used, instead of Silverlight SDK, at least offer the same functionality that Silverlight SDK is capable of.   Map rotation is the most basic request of the mapping framework.   The BaseMap is the canvas for the entire GIS software and all other layers.   Please add map compass rotation and support for rotation property.   Currently, rotating the div tag does not work correctly and changes the panning behavior when moving the mouse.  I am disappointed that ESRI claims to have a Javascript framework without fixing the most basic issue, rotation of the basemap (the canvas for all GIS software).  Please add ESRI Javascript SDK functionality to allow map rotation.

    Let me know if you have any questions and/or need more information.

    Thanks in advance.