Increasing Symbol Functionality

Idea created by jrlalessi on Mar 27, 2015
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    Background: I need to symbololize points and lines with the same colors. I have 463 unique values (I know I know but it isnt for a printed map) I want to apply a color ramp to the points and the lines so that the RGB value of each point and line with the same unique identifier is the same. 

    Idea: apply the same color ramp and have a matching mechanism so that if the attribute is the same in two different FC types you can have the color ramp asign the same color repectively. 

    Also it would be nic to have a setting that specified if a feature was with in a certain number of map units the colors of said features must differ by a chosen value. 

    All these functions could be built into something similar to Maplex where you can choose to or not to use it.