ArcGIS Online XY point tool

Idea created by clthompson on Mar 23, 2015
    ArcGIS Online needs a simple and visible tool for adding XY coordinate locations to a map.  Currently one can 'find' a location with the search bar when entering coordinates.  Several issues make this a less than useful mechanism for adding points to a map.  First, searching for a coordinate location isn't exactly intuitive, also AGOL requires entering coordinates in long-lat order which is counter-intuitive,(see and promote an idea about reversing this order here: , and finally this method doesn't actually place a marker. Another method for adding a point to the map is the Map Notes tool, however this does not provide any mechanism for entering specific coordinates.  While a .csv or .txt file can be added to the map, this is extra work that some users may not prefer, especially when coordinate data are coming in via email or text messaging.