Web App Builder Coordinate Widget for non-wgs84 projections needs an exit 'get coordinate' mode

Idea created by csteeresriuk-esridist Employee on Mar 19, 2015
    • potterman81
    • Admin_ValardGeomatics
    At present if you have a non- WGS84 coordinate system set up on the coordinate widget in Web App Builder(non-dev version), you can click on the map to get coordinates back but then you cannot interact with the map features(eg. pop-ups no longer work). I understand why this freezes the map features however I would like to see a way of exiting this mode(like you can with WGS84 by clicking the icon) so that users don't have to switch coordinate system to be able to interact with the map again. My customer thinks this functionality is important as many users will not know what coordinate systems are or to have to change them to be able to click on the map.