stop messing with your websites where users post tools!!!

Idea created by tomdilts on Mar 11, 2015
    Hi Esri,

    Your geoprocessing script gallery mysteriously disappeared.  I've got a dozen or so tools that I've posted over the years that users no longer know how to access.  I wish that you would quit messing with your websites and try to maintain some continuity!  Believe it or not people are still interested in Arcscripts and other websites where tools are posted.  Even if they don't use ArcView 3.3 anymore they can still use the ideas from these tools.  The tools websites along with the user forums are an extremely important source of information.  They help maintain a historical record of thought and dialog within the GIS community/profession. Removal of these websites is akin to deleting historical archives, and greatly diminshes the contribution of individual users.

    Furthermore I should note that I've been through three iterations of Esri tool websites - first Arcscripts, then the geoprocessing script gallery, and finally  With each one the user base appears to be cut down by an order of magnitude.  It seems unlikely that people are not looking for solutions as much as they used to since the GIS user base is actually growing.  The more likely culprit is that with each iteration of the website it becomes harder for people to find what they are looking for!  The focus on a nice looking interface has come at the expense of search ability.  Please consider searchability and historical continuity when it comes to any of the user-contributed websites.  This comment applies equally to the user forums (now GeoNet) as well as this website.