ArcGIS Online Share Filtered/Quey Layer

Idea created by bcrumpler on Mar 9, 2015
    • kkeys06
    • bcrumpler
    • leon.van.der.meulen
    When viewing a service in a webmap, functionality has been added to enable showing subsets of REST service layers.  This is powerful functionality which enables using a single service to show different views of the data.  However, when looking to create an entry within ArcGIS Online, this filter entry layer is only available in a webmap.

    So, for example, if there is a parcel dataset that shows all parcels for a locality, but there is also a parcel value field, a filter layer could be created showing parcels that meet specific criteria.  However this is ONLY available within a webmap.

    The request would be for enabling the functionality to share entries in ArcGIS Online (searchable in the catalog) so when a user has a blank webmap, they could not only look for example at "Parcels in Washington County", but a specific query for parcels in Washington County.

    I'm not sure if this would need to be a separate entry, or some sort of sub-query for an already-shared service, but the challenge with sharing the current process is that is requires a user to open a webmap as the ONLY means for showing a subset of a service.

    By enabling this feature, it allows an organization to share specific views of the data and perhaps even consolidate several services into a single service that can be queried.