Data Reviewer Checks requiring Geometric Network

Idea created by 1_annevo on Mar 5, 2015
    • jtessier
    • 1_annevo
    At a customer site we have experienced large performance issues related to running the valency check on "changed features only". Even though a user only change two features, if we run a valency check it will have to check these two features agains All cables in the "related" feature class. This could be as many as 100.000 features. This is due to the fact that the valency check does not require a geometric network. Therefor the engine will have to go through all features in the cable feature class to find out if the end points connect.

    I would like a valency check that utililizes the geometric network. This would increase the performance of the valency check tremendously in our case. If a user change 2 features and run the valency check that uses the geometric network on "Changed features only", the check will only have to "ask" these features if they are connected and if so, find out how many features (edges) are connected.  This would minimize the queries to the server from 100.000 requests to 4 requests resulting in a much better performance.