CUDA / GPU Support

Idea created by 1_zoontf on Mar 24, 2010

    Manifold GIS is using the GPU to slice through processing raster spatial tasks. I have no desire to use Manifold - I would prefer to use ArcMap, ArcCatalog, or Geoprocessing tasks on ArcGIS Server.

    I realize that there are a lot of challenges inherent in providing GPU processing support across all platforms, but even if ESRI could put in partial support - just for Windows in ArcMap or something of that sort, it would be great. I have had to calculate viewsheds and observer points analyses for a large number of towers... it sure is frustrating to see how long it takes knowing that my GPU could have done all of the processing well before I even started to wonder how long it would take to finish.

    Yes - the GPU processing could only be applied to specific tasks, and yes it is hardware dependant. Even alpha or beta support would be a nice freebie to pass out to the users, though - like one GP task that uses it, or one arc 10 addin.