"Hang" and image on a 3D polygon symbol.

Idea created by Dcamrine on Feb 27, 2015
    • cokinos
    • Dcamrine
    This is a screen shot of using a jpg image as a symbol:

    The problem is the image starts over in the middle, I measured this image out to match the line exactly in the XY plane. This image represents Seismic data gathered in the XZ plane and i want to stretch the image over the polygon...they should both be the same length and depth.

    There is no wat to "Stretch" the image over the polygon as a whole instead is it displayed as a perfect square. My idea is to add two measurements to the 3D symbol so you can stretch it in the X and Z directions. It would be great if you could also change the anchor point so you can tell it to pin to the upper left corner, or lower right, etc... I would also make sure the units of the symbol match the coordinate system of the project. My project is in feet but the symbol can only be adjusted using meters.

    With this operability the 3D scene in Pro could be very helpful to the Oil and Gas industry.