Snap curve to existing line at point of tangency

Idea created by sgilliland on Feb 26, 2015
    • Masterconcept
    • sgilliland
    ArcMap will snap a straight line to an existing curve at the tangent point. I'd like to be able to do the opposite: while using the Tangent Curve Segment tool, snap to an existing line at the tangent point.

    I don't use the former but have often needed the latter. An example would be digitizing a generalized stream or road. Sometimes I set up a straight line, digitize a second line toward the first line, and want to snap so it looks clean - at the tangent point.

    I use the Fillet tool a lot. However, I have often placed the next-to-last point of the second line exactly where I want it, which I can't do with the Fillet tool because I have to be zoomed out to see both segments. The Fillet tool also takes more steps than a single, final snap at the tangent point.