Parallel Processing for Clip Tools

Idea created by RudinA on Feb 26, 2015
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    Please find a way to make the various geometry clipping tools take advantage of parallel processing.  The tools I'm referring to are Clip, Union, Identity, Erase, Dissolve, etc.  

    Currently I'm trying to use the Identity tool to cut over 1 million impervious cover polygon features by 200,000 parcel polygons. ArcGIS Pro (and Desktop 10.3 64-bit background processing) allow this process to utilize all 32GB of RAM I have, but it still only uses one of my 4 CPU's.  Feels like a lot of wasted processing capacity when the tool takes hours, and the whole time it's only using 25% of the total processing capacity of my PC.

    I know all these tools use "tiled processing".  Couldn't each tile be broken off into it's own process that is sent to a CPU?