(ArcObjects) IDataChanges.Extract needs fuller documentation due to gap in backwards compatibility

Idea created by Severion on Feb 18, 2015
    • Hornbydd
    • rviger
    • Severion
    • rchasan
    Following a troubleshooting session with ESRI Premier Support we identified an issue with the IDataChanges.Extract() method.

    The issue is as follows: when calling this method to acquire data changes vs. a File Geodatabase replica database checkout during an edit session the method fails with an 'unidentified' COM exception.  Against personal geodatabase replica checkouts, this function operates successfully when called vs. an edit session against that geodatabase, so this failure represents a reduction in backwards compatibility (causing a failure in our own enterprise application).

    I recommend the following:

    (1) Fix the problem in an upcoming patch -- AND/OR --
    (2) Update best practice documentation in regard to replica checkout coding practices
    (3) Update the SDK documentation entry for IDataChanges.Extract