BAO Mobile - more specific radii rings (example: 0.5 miles)

Idea created by buck.dwyer on Feb 16, 2015
    • ArleneB
    • buck.dwyer
    • 1_Juliaan.Doppen-McCosker
    We are using the new BAO Mobile app for iPhone and iPad and are really liking it.  One concern of ours, however, is it doesn't give us the ability to make our trade area more specific, using one decimal place to do so.  We work in New York City, Miami, Los Angeles, etc... that need to know demographics in a smaller area - sometimes even 0.1 mile radius ring.  Can you please change BAO Mobile to give us the ability to run those smaller and more precise radii trade areas, like BAO and Business Analyst currently allow us to?  Please ask me to expand in the comments, I'll gladly explain more.  Thanks!