OGC WCS temporal domain specification

Idea created by GD-WU on Feb 11, 2015
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    We are trying to serve a mosaic dataset with date-specific images.
    In OGC WCS it appears impossible to obtain the dates for existing images.
    This should be present in the DescribeCoverage.xml response,
    but it mentions just the minimal and maximal year.
    So at this moment ArcGIS for Server specifies the WCS temporal domain
    as a (year-based) time-period, not as an enumeration of time-positions.
    This leads to this situation :
    • WCS-GetCoverage: Delivers a raster, but only if you specify which one
    • WCS-DescribeCoverage: Won't tell you which images/dates do exist.
    I think an enumerative listing would be more in line with the mosaic dataset concept.

    Roland van Zoest