Esri Maps for SharePoint Online - Persisted Permissions

Idea created by Ahuber-esristaff Employee on Feb 8, 2015
    Under Consideration
    • nigo2
    • timmhay
    With SharePoint Online, in version 3.0.1 there was a functionality of persisted credentials, but in version 4.0, this functionality is removed.  We would like to see this functionality reincorporated moving forward.

    The issues revolve around a setting called persisted permissions.  This is where all credits will be charged to one administration account.  Which presumably would be  an admin. All users would essentially login using this account every time a page is viewed containing the map application. 
    This setting is stated in the documentation yet, does not exist in the admin settings of the SharePoint online app.  Will Esri please consider this workflow?