Provide support for overlapping polygon zones in the Zonal tools

Idea created by IMohamed-esristaff Employee on Mar 19, 2010

    I do a lot of studies of vector-borne disease, such as malaria and leishmaniasis.  In a typical project, I create buffer zones (using the flight range of the mosquito) around villages and use zonal statistics to estimate the mean of NDVI (normalized difference vegetation index), average precipitation, temperature, elevation and slope within each buffer zone to determine which factors are associated with high mosquito densities and high rates of malaria. The buffer zones frequently overlap since the flight range of the mosquito can be 1 to 8 kilometers depending on mosquito species. Once I estimate which factors are important, I can model the disease distribution for other areas by buffering and and calculating the zonal statistics for other villages.

    We also frequently do the same thing around houses using high resolution imagery to determine which factors are supporting populations of sand flies (or other insects) near the house. 

    This is a pretty basic and critical function for my work.  But, I think it would be useful to others in environmental fields or ecological niche work.