Fix Relate Dialog for Field Aliases with Spaces

Idea created by rfairhur24 on Feb 1, 2015
    • Hornbydd
    • rzufelt
    • rfairhur24
    Field aliases with spaces work best for layers meant to be used with ArcGIS Online, since they automatically word wrap in the pop-up dialogs, while aliases with underscores between words don't word wrap.  For the Join set up dialog and most other dialogs, aliases with spaces are shown correctly in Desktop.  However, the Relate set up dialog will only show the first word in the field name alias before the first space.  This makes setting up the relate confusing.

    Although the relate will work if you keep track of which position the field should be in the list, this should not be how the aliases appear.  There is no option to show the actual field name, so you must figure out which field is which from the incomplete alias names.  Please fix this.