Table Based Symbology, Labeling, and Data Sources

Idea created by cdebruin on Jan 30, 2015
    My idea is to save either a text file or table view of symbology and labeling classes.
    Symbology Scenario:
    I define a large symbology scheme with near to 100 categories, then I change the name of the field it is based on and there is absolutely no way to salvage the symbology. 
    Current Technology:
    Saving a .LYR file does not accommodate this case because there is no way to edit it and change over to the new field. Symbology styles are not a comprehensive solution either.
    Proposed Solution:
    Table based symbology - All the symbol definitions, sizing, color, and sequencing could be preserved while the name of the underlying field is updated. A table based solution would also improve reordering symbology by using a numeric sequence field. It would also speed up mass changes symbology.

    Labeling Scenario:
    I define upwards of a dozen labeling classes for a single layer. I export to CAD and find that I have to make the same change to labeling offsets or something for every labeling class. 
    Current Technology:
    Going through layer properties or the labeling toolbar could take 100+ clicks and dialog boxes to change one labeling property on each labeling class.
    Proposed Solution:
    Table based labeling - All options and definitions are stored in table fields that I can change in mass for each labelling class.