Add the ability to edit pixel values in a raster dataset

Idea created by IMohamed-esristaff Employee on Mar 19, 2010

    Just like editing feature classes it would be nice to be able to edit raster values in a raster dataset.  This would come in handy for modeling/modifying the earth’s surface and for classifying land use type.  Landuse often changes and with high resolution imagery commercially available one could streamline the process by simply updating their landuse raster rather than redoing the whole classification.  Editing elevation values would be helpful for a number of reasons. One example is calculating volume of land needing to be removed for a construction site. This typically requires a ‘before’ and ‘after’ surface for input, but ArcGIS has no easy tools for calculating the ‘after’ surface to be used as input.  The editing environment should support  multiband edits too.