Legend Patches - X axis placement

Idea created by kaufman on Jan 26, 2015

    It would be very helpful if you had more control over the X-axis placement of patches relative to their Layer Name and Label. When you have a layer with categories of unique values, and layers with a single symbol, being able to INDENT the patches (without converting your Legend to graphics) would help the audience recognize which items belong under the heading. Currently, you have the ability to adjust the Y-axis distance between layers/groups/headings, and you have the ability to ident/manipulate the X-axis placement of text (text gap, or modifying the text placement throught the Item's Edit Symbol options), but nothing allows you to adjust the patch X-axis location relative to the layer name/heading ! The green arrows below show the capabilities now with text only compared to the capabilities needed to be able to adjust the Patch's X-position.