warn on missing type field when loading parcels into a fabric

Idea created by SRoberts on Jan 26, 2015
    Under Consideration
    For a parcel fabric which has the Local Gov. Info. Model (LGIM) enabled, parcels disappear on load if the input parcels do not have a type field calculated to 7.  The load tool (load a topology to a parcel fabric) does not give any warnings and the parcels seem to load successfully.  However when viewing the fabric in ArcMap using the default LGIM symbology the joined parcels are not symbolized and do not appear in the attribute table.  This happens because when a fabric with the LGIM enabled is added to ArcMap, a definition query including ("Type" = 7) is automatically added to the tax parcels.  However, the user experience is that the parcels have just disappeared.  This is especially confusing if the parcels are loaded as unjoined, because the parcels appear in the parcel explorere in the unjoined group, they can be then be joined, and once joined, all of a sudden they disappear.

    If the LGIM is enabled on a fabric, the load topology tool should check to see if a type field exists and is populated correctly and if it isn't the tool should give a warnign to the contrary.  Alternatively, the default symbology of an LGIM fabric should include symbology for parcels that don't have a type of 7.