Non-PLSS Option When Enabling the Information Model on a Parcel Fabric

Idea created by fellj on Jan 26, 2015
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    There are a number of feature classes that don’t apply to our jurisdiction (i.e., Non-PLSS) but we would like to utilize our Non-PLSS counterpart features (e.g., Original Texas Land Survey instead of Townships and Sections). A possible implementation of this could be part of the “Enable Information Model” when creating a new parcel fabric where you have a choice between a PLSS or a Non-PLSS option.

    Here is a link to our Texas GLO site for information about land grants (including the OTLS). Here is an online map with an OTLS layer. A download location for a shapefile of the abstracts for the State of Texas is available here.

    For example, the ArcGIS online help document defines parcel types in the local government information model. The user could select a Non-PLSS option when enabling this information model on a parcel fabric. Some possible parcel types replacing township and range could be as listed below. Not every Non-PLSS state will have these descriptions but there could be a general survey type that is similar among these states. 
    Parcel types in the Local Government Information Model (Non-PLSS Option)

    1Original Texas Land Grant or Survey
    2Spanish Land Title
    3Mexican Land Title
    4Special Survey
    5Simultaneous Conveyance
    6Conveyance Division
    10Separated Right