Layer load timeout option in ArcGIS API for JavaScript

Idea created by JBlaney-esristaff Employee on Jan 7, 2015
    • rfairhur24
    • tkoka3
    Some applications may require a "fallback" scenario when loading a layer. In the case of a base layer, the map will not load until the first layer has loaded. If the server(s) that layer resides on is/are inaccessible (certificate issues, server outage), the full timeout interval (normally ~100 seconds) must transpire before the "error" event is emitted from the layer (and through to the map's error event).
    I would like to have the option to specify (in the layer options) a "timeout" internal (in milliseconds) that specifies the maximum amount of time the layer's inital request may take to load, so that developers may "short circuit" this error process in a more expedient fashion.