Operations Dashboard: Threshold in Gauge Widget

Idea created by PMielke-esristaff Employee on Dec 31, 2014

    Managers and Executives need a method for establishing and monitoring goals for field collection.
    This pattern is inherent for any user that needs to generate summary statistics on features and compare them to pre-established goals (stored in a polygon).
    Here's a specific example:
    Command staff in a law enforcement organization is attempting to set specific measurable goals for focus areas. Our Key Performance Indicators (reflected as separate feature services) are:
    # of Field Interviews completed, # of Probationers Contacted, # of Warrants served, # of Parolees contacted. 


    Operations Dashboard is an easy-to-configure and likely client for this use case, and the guage widget is ideal for monitoring data and comparing that to a goal.  Here's a view for what this would look like:
    This is a selection of multiple point features inside of a selected polygon.  The widgets are displaying counts of selected features compared to an intended goal. 


    Unfortunately, those widget thresholds are 'hardcoded'  in the widget configuration.  Thresholds (or goals) can't be differentiated and subsequently monitered by focus areas.  Law Enforcement Command staff can't set separate goals for separate areas.
    Here's the product enhancement request:
    We should be able to set the threshold value using a value in a selection from a separate feature service.