Configure Roads & Hwys to a specified precision

Idea created by kelley_bc on Dec 31, 2014
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    ArcGIS Desktop - Roads & Highways Extension AND ArcGIS Server - Roads & Highways Server - Roadway Characteristic Editor (RCE) enhancement. Both R&H Desktop and RCE calculate measures based on the underlying spatial grid (commonly 7 decimal places), which is understood to be necessary. However, most DOT's will not track the precision of the data at that level as data collection methods don't support that level of accuracy. To that end, both R&H Desktop and RCE applications should have configuration settings where the precision of calculated measures can be set to a pre-determined length (i.e., 0.000) via a pre-determined manner (i.e., round, trim, etc.). This would enhance the usability of both applications and prevent user errors from occurring where extra precision is inadvertently added to the data. Request based on experience with 10.2.2 patch 1 and earlier versions.