ArcGIS Builder for WinRT

Idea created by dimesvdev on Dec 17, 2014
    • rchasan
    • dimesvdev

    It would be great that Esri built an ArcGIS Builder for WinRT. I would be happy seeing Esri doing things in advance before waiting for the Windows 10 release.

    That said my preference is for a XAML/C# builder that can be sideloaded instead of something locked and published in the Windows Store. I want to fully customize it, add extension and so on like the way I was used to do with the ArcGIS Silverlight Builder which in my opinion was very well done.

    The Esri ArcGIS Web App Builder seems miles away from both the Flex and Silverlight Builders.

    I am a WPF and Silverlight developer and while I can develop in ASP.NET or pure HTML and Javascript I am not keen in developing an app using the WinJS API. The XAML/C# approach is far more appealing to me. Now that at Windows 10 WinRT and Win32 apps live side by side (the start menu even contains a mix of both) I would rather prefer building a WinRT app than a WPF app especially because I can run it on a WinRT tablet without having to have the Pro version which makes the tablet in compbination with the app more appealing to end customers.