Display table in preview tab for ArcCatalog instead of features

Idea created by mariela06 on Dec 16, 2014
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    When one opens a database in ArcCatalog, be it an enterprise or a FGDB, usually it is to view some data, do some searches, or perform some geoprocessing operations by use of the tools.
    When I use ArcCatalog, the first thing I do is select a layer that I want to preview, and click on the Preview tab. I then have to wait for a few seconds (in this case over 12 seconds) before I can even select the table option to preview it. And this is if I have to review one layer,
    Ideally, if ArcCatalog showed the table as the default preview rather than the geography, this process would be much faster.
    I believe most people would want to see the table first anyway; they can always select geography if they wish to, but I imagine they would choose ArcMap if they want to review geography, select some features, etc.