Allow displaying ONLY symbology in map extent for Print task Legend in JavaScript API viewer

Idea created by kmacleod on Dec 16, 2014

    When a map layer has multiple classes or symbology symbols, such as a soil layer, it does not appear on the Legend in a print result from the Print dijit in the Javascript web API web map viewer.

    For example, a soil layer may have 30 different soil types.  However, usually a user will zoom to a block or a neighborhood, with only one or a few different soil types present on the map.  Currently, soil is not displayed at all in the Legend in the Javascript viewer.

    However, in the Legend options on the MXD in ArcMap 10.2.2 I noticed there is a checkbox that at first I thought would solve this problem. .... First, right click on the Legend, in the MXD, go to Properties... and the Items tab, then select the specific layer (i.e. Soil).  The top checkbox states "Only show classes that are visible in the current map extent."  It does exactly what we would want, in the map MXD.  So for saving a map in ArcMap to a PDF or to print, this works great.  But what if we want this service to be accessed through a javascript api web map?  The Soil legend simply doesn't show up, because it has 30 different symbols.  I thought I could click this checkbox in the Legend in the Print Template MXD, but no, you can't. It's greyed out.

    I called ESRI Tech Support and they said that indeed, it is not supported. But that it is a good idea to implement and to submit to ArcGIS Ideas.

    Does anyone else think this is useful?  And understand what I am requesting?  I have a submitted a duplicate post here I apologize but I looked briefly and didnt' see anything like it.

    Thank you,