Add URL search or URL query parameters to "Finder" web application template

Idea created by warice on Dec 16, 2014
    Already Offered

    Consider adding support for URL search or URL query parameters to the Finder web application template.  The Finder web app allows one to configure searching for features from one or more ArcGIS map services.  URL search parameters would allow a user to pass the attribute for a feature in a URL.  The web app would then pan and zoom to the feature and select and highlight the feature in the map.  No ArcGIS Online web apps currently support or provide this type of functionality.  The ability to pass search or query parameters in a URL would provide for some Enterprise level integration between different business systems in an organization.  I have a current business need in our organization to have a web app zoom to and open at a specific feature.  I believe adding support for URL search or query parameters would provide complementary functionality to the Finder web app.