Layer did not draw completely

Idea created by MFarretta-esristaff Employee on Dec 15, 2014
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    Please enhance the options to handle requests for which over 1000 features are returned.  The users don't read it, don't understand it, and call us every single time they see it.

    I recognize Esri's need to constrain the features, but hope for a day when I can either turn this warning off, or denote the issue less obtrusively.  Something that doesn't require the user to click anything to keep going.  Maybe an initial message of "at this scale, there are too many features to draw.  When this occurs, you will see a small red flag next to the layer(s) which are not fully drawn.  Zoom in to see more features."  And they click to acknowledge, and then for the rest of the session, there is only the little red flag.