Add a way to specify a base URL for services shared with ArcGIS Online when publishing from ArcMap

Idea created by afitch on Dec 8, 2014
    • berniejconnors
    • afitch
    When publishing a map service from within ArcMap, there is an option (under the Sharing tab) to share the service with ArcGIS Online.  However, because admin and publisher connections to ArcGIS Server require the use of port 6080, the URL registered with ArcGIS Online will reference this port.  If 6080 is not open to the internet, then the URL will not work for outside users.

    ArcGIS Desktop needs a way to specify a "base url" that replaces the base of the URL used for the admin/publisher connection when registering a service with ArcGIS Online.  This option seems to be available from within ArcGIS Server Manager, but not within ArcGIS Desktop.