Administrate ArcGIS Online by Group

Idea created by pbartschi_usfs on Dec 4, 2014

    I would like to setup my organization so that certain people have Admin privileges over specific groups. I have groups setup for each region of the US: Northern, Southern, Eastern, Rocky Mountain, Intermountain, Southwestern, Pacific Northwest, Pacific Southwest, and Alaska. We have invited those who reside in each of these regions to be a part of the respective group. We have one person assigned to administer each of these groups. We would like this person to be able have admin priviliges over the folks in their region group, but not have admin abilities over anybody else. That way that person can add/delete content, change permissions, delete users from the organization when someone leaves, and take care of all the admin needs for his/her region, and then I can manage the overall implementation of our AGOL organizational account.