Set Results save location per project, like Default GDB

Idea created by maphew on Dec 3, 2014
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    I would like to be able to change the location for Geoprocessing Results on a per project (a.k.a. session) basis, similar to the way one can assign a Home folder and Default Geodatabase.

    ArcMap has the beginnings of this feature in that each .mxd has it's own Results session history, but global sessions, e.g. a map has not been saved, are thrown out. I want a method to keep these without laborious saving of each one before ending the ArcMap session (either because user has closed it, or it has crashed).

    So this default results-history location would then keep the results history for un-saved Arcmap documents, and ArcCatalog sessions (which only has global session history, and no concept of projects).