Create new domain type - Value domain

Idea created by rgrichards on Dec 3, 2014

    We use domains as valid value lists in editing environments to streamline editing for users when a list of values is required for a particular field. When codes/values are not needed the workflow is rather redundant to create a CODE & VALUE with the same exact values. If fact we started doing this more and more over the years since the use of coded values is inconsistent in the ArcGIS platform and also coded as XML in the GDB making back-end reporting and integration a pain. Today coded values domains are inconsistent and confusing for end-users where using functionality such as: queries, calculates, AGOL, Open Data, multi-version views. 

    The coded/value domain is a redunant workflow and when only values are needed I propose the ability to create a value domain which is simply a list of values only. This will make it easier to manage and provide a consistant usage of a domain values across the platform for those that need it.